To celebrate World Spay Day on February 23rd, the Blue Cross will be releasing a special issue of vouchers to help eligible low income pet owners with neutering costs

They’ll be available through the Blue Cross Facebook page from February 23rd, whilst stocks last.
The charity also recently successfully launched the Blue Cross Vet Grant Scheme (see ) . This gives help to generally healthy animals in a crisis, suffering from a painful or uncomfortable - but treatable -condition, who might not get essential treatment simply because their owners can’t pay. Look on the Blue Cross website (see to see a list of conditions for which grants are available.
So far Blue Cross have awarded more than 60 grants of up to £200, for procedures from amputations to treating urinary obstructions. Conditions helped include dentals where extractions are required, pyometra and bladder stones.
Any practice can take part in these schemes by making clients aware of them. If you wish you can facilitate payment by pre-registering, e-mail your contact details to  and we will send you a form for payment information.
But don’t worry if you’ve missed World Spay Day – click here (see ) for information about the neutering schemes and vouchers we offer year round. 


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