Client Communication

Client communication is all about encouraging, and making it easier for, your clients to stay up to date with their pet vaccinations, worming and de-fleaing, keeping their pets healthy and leading to increased sales and loyalty to your practice.

Improve client communication and increase client compliance with iRecallTM

For many years, veterinary practitioners have understood the importance and benefits of vaccination reminders in the prevention of canine lungworm, flea infestations and toxocariasis. Now, practices can now do even more to ensure animals receive these medications on a more regular basis, improving compliance for the extra effort.

iRecallTM from software producers Virtual Recall sends out SMS and email messages to remind a client to dose their pet on the day they ought to, rather than just telling clients to buy more product once they have used up the box, which is the most any current system can do. There is no need to generate monthly exports of your data, with no uploading to the web. iRecallTM is fully automated and prescheduled to run each day at a time of your choosing, working via an interface with your existing practice computer software and some clever artificial intelligence.