Pharmaceuticals and Consumables

At the St Francis Group, we have deals with all of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as some smaller manufacturers, so you benefit from the best terms while enjoying complete clinical freedom.

  • Veterinary Drugs

    Veterinary Drugs

We always pass savings on to you in full, every time, and over 90% of discounts are collected and paid to you in the month following purchase. These discount savings are enhanced by our administration support which reduces the burden on your practice to negotiate, claim and record discounts from multiple sources:

Wholesaler Invoices

Each month we send a consolidated electronic Invoice to each member on behalf of your wholesaler. It is easily checkable against the individual delivery notes provided with each delivery to your practice and can be saved on your computer, meaning that individual paper delivery notes can be discarded once checked against the invoice. There are no restrictions as to which wholesaler you use.

Discount Analysis

We provide members with a monthly Discount Analysis report which itemises the discount on veterinary drugs and other items you've earned against each manufacturer for the purchases included on your Wholesaler Invoice. This Discount Analysis is easily checkable by applying the discounts published in our terms list to the purchase value shown in our monthly Purchase Report.

Credit Note

As a member, you will receive a Credit Note report which shows the discounts earned in previous months which we have now received from manufacturers and are therefore being paid over to your practice. This can be reviewed against the previous month's Discount Analysis to easily check off and record discounts received – no more checking bank statements or paying in cheques.


Finally, on your monthly Statement we consolidate all invoices (wholesaler plus labs and crems if applicable) LESS the manufacturer discounts detailed on the Credit Note, to show a single monthly payment which we collect by Direct Debit.

Management reports

Our management reports can help you to be more proactive in your purchasing and pricing processes. Our monthly 360 Report gives you a complete view of your real net prices, and features a number of tools to help you integrate ranges and hypothetical scenarios. We combine your wholesaler discount and manufacturer discount to show you your actual net costs. This is an easy and accurate way of comparing true product prices across ranges and manufacturers. Your 360 Report also gives you access to a simple pricing calculator and online pricing monitor that allows you to manage your selling prices easily and effectively.

The result?

Reduced costs, reduced paperwork, reduced administration and an easier way to keep track of your veterinary drugs discounts, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on clients

All of these documents and reports are provided electronically.