Wildlife Vets International

The St Francis Group supports Wildlife Vets International, a charity which was set up to help endangered species in the wild.

The objectives of Wildlife Vets International are to:

  • Provide veterinary and scientific support to conservation programmes worldwide to benefit endangered and rare wildlife
  • Collect and distribute information on the health, management and protection of endangered species
  • Promote the conservation, preservation and restoration of the world's endangered animal populations and their habitats
  • Advise on public health and management of livestock issues, where this impacts on the health of rare or endangered wildlife

For more information, please email WVI on info@wildlifevetsinternational.org or call them direct on 01535 661298.

Wildlife Vets International Blog

Development in Sumatran Tiger Disease Surveillance

The strong suspicion that Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) may be causing disease in wild Sumatran tigers led to an initiative by WVI in September 2013 to establish an Indonesian organisation that would identify significant endemic and emerging diseases in wild Sumatran tigers across the island.


WVI vet and patron Steve Leonard will be in Zimbabwe at the domestic dog clinics on 14-16th June

African painted dogs; reducing risk of population decimation from disease